Review: The Petzi Treat Cam is a camera with an integrated pet feeder

Most of the cameras we test at DPReview fall into predicable categories like DSLRs, mirrorless, and compact enthusiast models. However, we feel a sense of obligation to bring you industry-leading technical reviews of other imaging products as well.

With that in mind, we present our review of the Petzi Treat Cam, a camera with an integrated pet treat dispenser. Unlike most cameras, which are designed to take with you, the Treat Cam is meant to be left at home. Once you’re in the field you can check in on Rover or Fluffy using the camera’s smartphone app, give out treats, take photos and even talk to your pets. What’s not to love?

We tried to reproduce the Treat Cam’s unique feature set using a mirrorless camera, a bowl of pet treats, and a DPReview editor. It didn’t end well.

Key features:

  • Fixed-lens camera with autofocus
  • Support for video live streaming
  • Built-in treat dispenser
  • Speaker for talking to your pets from afar
  • Night mode with IR light
  • Smartphone app with remote operation
  • Social media network for pets

The Treat Cam has a different form factor than most cameras we review, owing to the fact that it includes an integrated storage reservoir for treats. It lacks the ergonomic niceties found on other cameras though, strictly speaking, the Petzi isn’t really designed for handheld use. (OK, it’s totally not intended for handheld use, but that didn’t prevent us from trying.)

Although the Petzi Treat Cam excels at some tasks, it’s not the best camera for hand-held use.

Setting up the Treat Cam is a breeze. Create an account on the Petzi network, pair your phone with the camera using the Petzi app and – Shazam! – you’re connected. Pop off the → continue…

From:: DPreview