10 Great Movies That Are Meditations On Life

By German Torres Ascencio

Film is a unique art form that is able to reveal what lies beyond what is seen in ordinary life. It is able to convey unique perspectives on life and rather than give answers, it makes the viewer ask questions. Sometimes films focus on bright side of life, others on the fatality of it, and other in its absurdity.

The variety of films that deal with life itself reveals a richness of perspectives that can only by conveyed with film language. Here is a list of 10 films whose subject is life itself – these are films that make us experience a unique glance of life.

1. Life, and Nothing More…

Life, and Nothing More... (1991)

Also known as “Life Goes On,” this film is Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami’s portrait of the 1990 earthquake aftermath in Iran. The earthquake killed more than 30,000 people and left devastation all over certain regions of Iran. The events of the film are based on Kiarostami’s search for the protagonist of one of his previous films all over the wrecked lands.

In his journey, we witness how the earthquake has affected the lives of the people and how are they trying to get over all of the damage it has done to them. This film is the second part of the Koker trilogy, following “Where Is the Friend’s Home?” (1987) and followed by “Through the Olive Trees” (1994), and it was released two years after the earthquake in 1992.

As the second film in the trilogy, “Life, and Nothing More…” is a middle point between the straightforward realism of “Where is the Friend’s Home?”, and the continued breaks of the fourth wall that can be seen in the last film of the trilogy. It is crafted in a docu-fictional style where the alter → continue…

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