The Best Filmmaking Deals of the Week (4.23.20)

Headlining our Deals of the Week, save $400 on a Sony a7R II full-frame mirrorless camera.

This week in filmmaking deals: We’re seeing big discounts this time around, including a 43% and 50% price drop on the SmallHD 7.7-inch OLED Monitor and Vanguard VEO 2 AM-264TR Aluminum Monopod respectively. Also, you can save $350 on a 4-pack of Core SWX Hypercore 9 Mini V-Mount Batteries, as well as $400 on a Sony a7R II Alpha Digital Camera (Body Only). Lastly, Adorama is running a special on a Teradek Bolt 500 XT 3G-SDI/HDMI Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Set that will save you $249.

Core SWX 4 Pack Hypercore 9 Mini V-Mount Batteries

[deal id=”120371″]

Ready for a new and very powerful battery solution for your cine camera? Then check out the Core SWX Hypercore 9 Mini V-Mount Batteries, which are not only some of the slimmest, most compact batteries on the market, but also support up to 12A draws and feature Hypercore’s backlit runtime LCD. A set of 4 is on sale right now for $1899, down from $2249.

SmallHD 7.7-inch OLED Monitor

[deal id=”120376″]

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Sigma’s Lens Converters Receive a Bump in Optimization with Latest Update

You can now use a lot more lenses with your Sigma lens converter, thanks to a new firmware update.

Thanks to lens adapters, you can dust off a vintage lens or any modern glass and pair it with a non-native camera body. They are essentially tech-middle-men that bridge the gap between mismatched lens mounts and camera bodies.

So, if you’re already invested in PL or EF mount optics, adapters allow you to use those lenses with a camera body with a different mount. Want to use a PL mount lens on an L-mount camera? There’s are several companies that make a PL to L-mount adapter. Wooden Camera, Metabones, and Fotodiox all come to mind. Both Leitz and Sigma have one as well.

Sigma carries 3 different lens adapters, the MC-11, MC-21, and MC-31. The company has released firmware updates for 2 of them as well as a general update for its EF mount lenses.

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5 Tips to Improve Your Pet Photos

5 Tips to Improve Your Pet Photos

If you are stuck at home and looking for something to photograph right now, your pets can be a great way to keep your technique sharp and create some nice personal memories at the same time. This fantastic video will show you some great tips for taking better photos of your pets.

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Transcriptive 2.0 for Adobe Premiere Pro gets a price reduction

Digital Anarchy’s Transcriptive 2.0 for Adobe Premiere Pro has just got a price reduction. Along with the price reduction, new Transcriptive 2.0 customers also receive a free account until January 2021. Digital Anarchy has reduced the price of Transcriptive from $299.00 USD to $149.00 USD, effective immediately. Transcriptive AI and Transcriptive Speechmatics are priced … Continued

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Wooden Camera LPL Mounts Adaptors for Panasonic L Mount & Canon R Mount

Wooden Camera has some new LPL Mounts that allow you to use lenses such as the ARRI Signature Primes and the Leica Thalia LPL on Panasonic L mount and Nikon R mount cameras. Wooden Camera has had LPL adapters available for quite some time for Sony E-mount, Fujifilm G Mount, and RED DSMC2 cameras. They … Continued

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How to Match Colors Between Different Cameras and Grade Log Footage

How to Match Colors Between Different Cameras and Grade Log Footage

One of the most common issues you will face if you are shooting video with multiple cameras is matching the color across all the footage to ensure consistent, professional results. If that is something you struggle with, this excellent video will show you how it is done, along with how to grade log footage.

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BirdDog Announces NDI Multiview Lite & Multiview Pro

BirdDog has announced NDI Multiview, a piece of software that allows you to create NDI Multiview streams in seconds. Unlike traditional switchers, all of the NDI sources are on the network so you can easily mix & match to create a custom multiview to be easily distributed back onto the network. NDI Multiview Pro supports … Continued

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5 Tips for Trying out Macro Photography at Home

5 Tips for Trying out Macro Photography at Home

If you are currently stuck at home and looking for something to shoot, macro photography can open up a world of possibilities all around your house. This great video will give you five tips to get started.

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NAB-AT-HOME 2020: Maxon and Red Giant chat

Since many of our friends in the film, video, and post-production space still have product announcements to share and general good news to spread some of us at PVC have been connecting virtually to see what is going on in the wake of the no NAB this year. So we give you NAB-AT-HOME! This post is all about Maxon and Red Giant Software.

I sat down virtually with Paul Babb from Maxon and Aharon Rabinowitz from Red Giant Software to see what is new with them for 2020. The two companies joined forces late last year and that’s something we talk about in the video as that was big news for our industry. They also didn’t just toss aside their NAB time as this usual stellar NAB presentation schedule went online at C4D Live.

Maxon just the week announced the R22 updated to Cinema 4D which we covered here on PVC. There’s a whole lot in there that quite frankly, I don’t understand, but I was talking to a Cinema 4D user after our chat above and he was very excited about this release.

Red Giant Complete is a new(er) way to buy Red Giant production. Like the name says it is a way to get everything Red Giant makes (and we can assume everything they will make in the future) in one bundle. This includes Trapcode Suite, Magic Bullet Suite, Universe, VFX Suite and Shooter Suite. Each of those Suites has a number of individual tools within the suite so you really get a lot in the Complete bundle. You should look at the pricing options as there is both a monthly subscription tier as well as an annual option. If you’re a student or a teacher then you’ll want to go look at the STUDENTS & TEACHERS right now.

We talk a lot about pricing and the subscription model in the video above. Most all of these products from Red Giant and Maxon can be purchased as a single purchase perpetual license but looking at them side-by-side your overall savings look to be greater with a subscription. I can tell you we wouldn’t get new as many feature updates in all of these products without a subscription model.

This is an image from Red Giant’s site that compares the single product cost of the Red Giant VFX Suite vs. the Red Giant Complete subscription.

I appreciate Paul and Aharon for talking in-depth about the cost and the subscription model.

There is also a new version of the VFX Suite coming very soon and we go into detail of that in the video above.