What’s the Difference Between Color Correction and Color Grading?

Color correction and color grading are two different things and they have a huge impact on your finished product.

If you work in Hollywood you’ve heard the phrase, “Let’s fix it in post.” It’s a common retort when things go wrong on set. While usually a snarky reply, it puts a lot of faith in the editor to get things right later.

While we try not to fix everything in post-production, just adjust them, some things are always tweaked, like the color.

Color is tweaked by editors and colorists who are employed by the production to finalize the look and feel of a TV show or movie. That can mean adding more blue, orange, saturating, or desaturating the images on the screen.

Plus a lot more intricate decisions. For more on some of those, don’t miss our podcast with colorists from Sundance 2020.

Today I want to take you through the basics of color correction versus color grading so whatever you’re working on gets the most professional look and feel possible.

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