What You Can Learn from RED’s FREE Solidarity Series

Here are some highlights from RED’s free webinars.

During the first week of April, RED hosted two educational live streaming events that may have flown under the radar. Dubbed the Solidarity Series, the free webinars were accessible through Eventbrite, but now have been posted on RED’s YouTube channel.

Watch: 8K RAW workflow

Hosted on April 1, RED’s sales engineer Jonathan Petts, focused on REDCODE RAW and tips and tricks using REDCINE-X, which allows you to review and edit R3D files. The hour long seminar has a ton of tricks to learn from, especially those grading RED proprietary files.

1. Playback REDCODE RAW via laptop

When the RED One came out in 2007 it was a little more difficult to playback the 4K RAW files capture by the camera because of limited computer power. All that has changed in recent years and 8K compressed RAW files can now be played back on a laptop with ease. RED has worked closely with Nvidia so that its R3D files play nice with its graphics card in full resolution.

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