Why is Roger Deakins Disappointed in Modern Filmmaking?

Roger Deakins is a visionary who has a preferred way to work. But Hollywood doesn’t always abide.

We’re all familiar with Roger Deakins, the greatest living cinematographer in the universe. We’ve heard him wax poetic about zoom lenses, camera techniques, and the process, but we have never really heard him complain.

Like all of us, Roger Deakins is only human. Also, he has a lot of opinions as to the way he’d like things to go.

So, when Roger Deakins mentions he has a problem with the way movies are made today, we listen.

Check out this amazing interview with the Oscar-winning DP from Collider and let’s talk about some of his more interesting quotes after.

Why Do Modern Movies Frustrate Roger Deakins?

In this incredible interview, Deakins spends a ton of time going over his past works, but when it came to making movies today, he was critical of the process.

“Movies have become more about the aesthetic than the story and the content and what the film is trying to say. I find that pretty disappointing and pretty depressing.”

What’s his main beef?

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