Rejoice! Sunday Night Movies Are Returning to CBS

Having trouble finding entertainment for the whole family? CBS is bringing back movie night.

Some of the best memories of my own childhood are when my parents would take the popcorn out of the microwave and we’d settle down in front of our box TV for movie night. It was always a curated ride through movies my parents enjoyed and ones that became my and my brother’s future favorites.

When commercials ran on TV, we had a week anticipating what would play.

That feeling was replaced with trips to the video store and then by streaming later in life.

But the magic was real.

Well, now that those big slots usually filled by sports are empty, CBS is going back to their Sunday Night movie spectacular.

That’s right, CBS is bringing your childhood back just in time to watch with your own kids…or dog.

Some of us just have dogs, okay!

CBS’s lineup has some very big titles—movies that feel like they’re fun for all age groups.

Here’s what’s been announced so far, via TV Line:

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