9 Ways to Use a Tripod Like an Actual Professional

In the camera stabilization realm, tripods may be the boring cousins of gimbals and Steadicams, but using them correctly is essential for good filmmaking.

As far as camera stabilizers go, tripods are relatively simple tools, right? At least compared to motorized 3 or 4-axis gyroscopic gimbals and Steadicam’s iso-elastic arms. Tripods have been around forever, supporting the camera rigs of studio projects and the Sony Handycams of soccer dads everywhere. And they just—sort of—stand there, so it’s easy to assume that there’s not much to “operating” one.

But sticks really do require quite a bit of finesse and expertise. (Talkin’ to you, Kurt…stepping over the sideline with your chunky cross-trainers and wraparound sports shades.)

In this video, Kai W goes over some helpful tips on using a tripod like an actual professional. Check it out below.

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