Why One Filmmaker Interprets CARES to Mean Up to $10K for Us All

Who doesn’t want $10,000 right now, no questions asked?

Zack Arnold is an editor and a bit of a finance nerd. His interpretation of the CARES Act opens up a $10K can of worms.

Arnold is a legit Hollywood film and TV editor. He’s currently cutting Cobra Kai, and in the past, he has edited shows like Burn Notice, Empire, Glee, and Shooter. He’s also the creator of the Optimize Yourself program and podcast, which focuses on mastering work-life balance. Right now, that includes how to survive the fluctuating economy under coronavirus.

If you’ve read our post How the CARES Act is Going to Save Your Ass, then you might be wondering what you should do next, as well as if you are really eligible for some of the programs.

Arnold sat down with No Film School to explain how he’s used the CARES Act so far, and how filmmakers need to look at the offers of free money, with Catch 22s and all.

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