MASV Desktop App 2.0 Automates Transfer of Huge Files for Remote Teams

Working from home seems to be the new standard these days. For media professionals, MASV solves the problem of transferring huge amounts of data with just a browser, or, and this is the news here, with their new desktop app 2.0, which is a complete rewrite from scratch.


For media professionals working from home as well as for teams working from all over the globe a few questions arise: how to tap into business-grade network performance with flaky residential internet connections? How to keep track of deliveries and how to have the data handy when needed? Well, MASV’s new Desktop app 2.0 has you covered.

MASV File Delivery Service

MASV is a pay-as-you-go file delivery service. After signing up you can send out any amount of data (yes, even 784GB in one go) to a number of recipients and at the end of each month you’ll get a statement listing your costs for that given month. If you didn’t use the service within that month, you don’t pay anything.  As matters stand, the pricing goes like this: $0.25/GB delivered so you don’t pay if you’ve uploaded a file but the recipent didn’t download it. Talking of downloading: Your client will get a notification email with a link, that’s it. No account needed.


All new version of the MASV desktop app.

Each delivery will stay online for 10 days (but you can extend that period for an extra $0.10/GB/month if needed). Now, there’s more to MASV than just plain file up- and downloads: You can add unlimited team members with different roles, you can create so-called portals for receiving files from external clients or team members and there’s a desktop app for Windwos and macOS which enables transfer pausing and resuming for example.

MASV Desktop App 2.0

The new app is written from scratch so while version 1 was a neat but plain and simple app, version 2 is a whole different beast. The new app offers a transfer dashboard which shows all of your currently active transfers in one place, including transfer speeds, ETA of delivery and status of each transfer.


You can pause/resume your uploads.

Furthermore, the new app now supports the aforementioned portals so you can manage all them in one place. Contributers can directly upload to a given portal through the app.

Next up is transfer automation. You can tell the MASV app 2.0 to deliver packages straight to 1) local storage or 2) to Amazon S3 cloud or 3) to Backblaze B2 storage. No need to wait for a delivery link, the app will transfer incoming data automatically to your destination of choice. Think of it as firing up your NLE and all the files from contributers are already there, ready for editing.


Automate your deliveries.

When using MASV through a browser you might encounter failed uploads due to internet dropouts. The app however won’t stop if the connection drops. It will save the current progress and will relentlessly try to reconnect until your files are uploaded properly. You also can manually pause and resume uploads from within the app.

The new version 2  of the MASV app supports simultaneous deliveries, yo you’re not limited to one upload at a time.


Multiple transfers at the same time. And your choice of a light or a dark theme.

If the recipent chooses to use the app for downloading you can just drag’n’drop a given folder structure, it will be retained throughout the delivery process. If the recipient uses a browser, MASV will automatically offer a *.zip for downloading your package.

Last but not least, the new app also offers a dark mode!

Free Trial

MASV offers a free trial, just sign up and get 100GB worth of data delivery for free. After that, it’s a pay-as-you-go $0.25/GB delivered operation. Head over to this page for more information, there’s also a pricing calculator.


Upload straight to a portal.

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What do you think about this new app? Do you already use MASV for your file delivery needs? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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