How This Sci-Fi Comedy Was Secretly Shot on a Cruise Ship

These clever filmmakers bring new meaning to the phrase ‘blend into the scenery.’

There’s been a lot of attention lately on cruise ships. But if you’re not quarantined on one chock-full of infected passengers, a cruise ship could be the perfect floating film set. If you think about it, there’s catering 24/7, nearby sleeping quarters, and thousands of background actors. That was the thinking of writer/producer Josh Itzkowitz and writer/director Chris Roberti when stealthily set out to make a feature about a time-traveling assassin on a cruise ship without telling anyone.

Josh, Chris, and DP Darin Quan sat down with No Film School virtually to talk about their bold experiment, Same Boat, which is out this week on iTunes. Check out the trailer and read all about how they pulled this thing off.

No Film School: Did the idea start with filming secretly on a cruise ship, or did you start with a script on a cruise ship and need a way to film? Basically, how did you come up with this crazy idea!

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