Global live video cloud editing webinar: Zixi partners with Blackbird

Global live video editing: Zixi partners with Blackbird

Learn about how Zixi and Blackbird provide integrated video solutions to deliver live broadcast-quality video over IP during a webinar on April 29, as part of Zixi Powered! virtual showcase.

With the cancellation of NAB 2020 companies moved their presentations online, and Zixi created its two week  Zixi Powered! virtual showcase, being run in lieu of the Las Vegas Show. Beginning on Monday April 20th and running through Friday May 1st,“Zixi Powered!” will be a two week event designed to educate audiences on Zixi’s Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP), the most comprehensive platform for delivering live video over any IP network, any protocol, any cloud provider and any edge device.

Along with individually scheduled video meetings and demonstrations, the Zixi team will present opportunities for participants to learn from Zixi leadership, integrated partners and top media companies that are using Zixi’s SDVP to address the challenges of workflow, network, and operational virtualization. One of the presentations scheduled for that period demonstrates the results of the recent partnership of Zixi and Blackbird to provide integrated video solutions to deliver live broadcast-quality video over IP. The companies will demonstrate their joint joint offering on Wednesday, 29th April at 11 AM EST / 4 PM UK.

Global live video editing: Zixi partners with Blackbird

Ultra-low latency video delivery

A professional video editor developed specifically in, and available for the browser, Blackbird delivers, says the company, unbeatable speed, scalability and richness of editing features and video output. Blackbird powers significant productivity and efficiency benefits for any enterprise organization producing video content with a highly responsive, fully featured editor accessed through any browser, easy to learn and needing only limited bandwidth to use.

The platform – continues the company – allows users to quickly go to market, scale effortlessly and flexibly across organizations, ensure content quality and drive massive efficiencies across any enterprise organization. This fast, powerful cloud video editing and publishing platform can be deployed in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud instances with live Zixi workflows, and enables the ability to insert branding, advertising and sponsored content for delivery to subscriber platforms.

The integrated SDVP provides ultra-low latency video delivery with the Zixi protocol, proven reliability and extensive transport, network and content quality analytics through Zixi Video Solutions stack. ZEN Master, the industry’s leading virtual control plane, allows remote users to maintain business continuity by enabling them to securely orchestrate, manage and monitor broadcast quality, low latency live video workflows from anywhere in the world.

Global live video editing: Zixi partners with Blackbird

Real-time ingest of live video

“This partnership with world leading technology provider, Zixi, is an integral part of Blackbird’s OEM strategy.,” said Ian McDonough, Blackbird CEO. “Zixi is the default standard for the ingest and distribution of live video. Blackbird enables customers to distribute and syndicate broadcast quality video content to OTT, web and digital platforms and with our customers insisting on using these two great technologies together, we are very happy to have partnered to bring this offering to market.”

“The Blackbird Zixi integration allows for the real-time ingest of live video, and then lightning-fast video viewing, clipping, editing and immediate publishing for the realization of monetization.,” said John Wastcoat, SVP Alliances, Zixi. “Blackbird is another example of the breadth of the best-of-breed technology partners in the Zixi Enabled Network that power every part of the end-to-end broadcaster workflow from ingest to editing to playout.”

To register for the webinar please visit Blackbird Zixi Live Video Cloud Editing.