Cooke All In on Full-Frame with New Spherical and Anamorphic Focal Lengths

Cooke announces new gear via webinar despite NAB 2020 cancellation.

Cooke has always been a favorite among storytellers. When the RED One came out in 2007, and later the ARRI Alexa in 2010, cinematographers were pairing the digital sensors with lenses that softened the image. Everyone seemed to be shooting ARRI and Cooke back then. The last five years, it seems to have switched to Sigma, which to me, is embarrassingly noticeable if you have an eye for it. It doesn’t matter the color grade or LUT, it still looks like a Sigma lens. But good for Sigma, right?

Besides the point, with NAB not taking place this year, droves of companies are switching to virtual settings to share product announcements, or offer free support. Zhiyun started things off with its Crane 3. Blackmagic introduced the ATEM Mini Pro. Canon and Sony will square off April 20. However, Les Zellan of Cooke Optics introduced 5 new lenses into the Cooke family.

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