The Duplass Bros Want to Help Filmmakers Whose Premieres Were Affected by COVID-19

The Duplass brothers have been heartfelt champions of indie filmmakers for years, and now they want to make sure indie filmmakers get the premieres they deserve.

Things have been pretty dire in the past few months, especially for filmmakers. So much of what was planned has gone away. The theatrical experience is like church for many of us, and we’re not allowed to worship.

Well, the Duplass brothers are bringing us back to the light.

In an interview with IndieWire, Mark Duplass offered all the resources of Duplass Productions to boost indie filmmakers’ works. He said, “[The streamers] are all doing their best overtime watching pretty much every movie that’s being submitted to them from the festivals that didn’t have their premieres. We as Duplass Brothers have also come forward to those people and said, ‘If you find a movie where you feel like ‘This is really great but it’s not there yet,’ bring it to us and we will help partner with you to make that movie what you feel like it needs to be for your service.”

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