‘Road to Perdition’ is a Forgotten Sam Mendes Masterpiece

The 2002 movie is now streaming on Netflix and unheralded in most circles.

In 2002 Sam Mendes, Thomas Newman, and Conrad Hall teamed up to make a movie starring Paul Newman, Tom Hanks, and Daniel Craig. That’s a long list of legends supported by the likes of Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jude Law, and Ciaran Hinds.

The movie almost grossed $200 million worldwide and has some of the most beautiful cinematography of all time. The script was adapted from a popular graphic novel by David Self and the movie was nominated for 6 Academy Awards, winning only one for cinematography for Conrad Hall.

And yet…

How often do you hear people talking about Road to Perdition?

I have to admit, it slipped my mind until I saw that it was available to stream on Netflix.

And while we’re all locked inside, I thought I’d revisit it. And I was not disappointed.

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