Lesspain Software offers a 90 day license for Kyno Premium

Lesspain Software offers a 90 day license for Kyno Premium

Lesspain Software is now offering a 90 day license for Kyno Premium and shared a video to demonstrate a remote editorial collaboration workflow using Dropbox, Kyno and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Like so many other companies, Lesspain Software is trying to help the community of video professionals to deal with this unprecedented situation. The company just announced its Covid-19 support package for video professionals, that are in effect starting today.

Lesspain Software is the company behind Kyno, a full-featured media management system used by professionals in the media, entertainment & non-media industry. Simple enough to use for directors and production assistants, powerful and flexible enough for seasoned DOPs, DITs and editors, it integrates with Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve. Used by TV, YouTube, cinema, documentary and corporate video professionals all over the world.  Kyno is a:

  • Media storage browser
  • Universal player
  • Logging/Metadata editing tool
  • Multi-purpose production assistant
  • File organizer
  • Converter (transcoding & rewrapping)

Easy to learn and simple to use the software works cross-platform on macOS  and Windows and integrates with the tools you already use, like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. If you’ve never tried it and need a solution for working remotely, take the opportunity to explore the software through the offer from Lesspain Software.

Lesspain Software offers a 90 day license for Kyno Premium

Get a 90 day license for Kyno

Kyno software is now offered under the following conditions:

  • For individuals: If you’d like to start using Kyno now because it would help you for your work, for example for remote collaboration, but you cannot afford the price right now because of the consequences of the outbreak, write us an email and we’ll give you a 90 day license for Kyno Premium at no cost.
  • For teams with per-seat licenses: If you need help enabling your team to work from home you can get your seat-count doubled for 90 days so you can get those extra home computers activated.
  • For research and healthcare institutions: If you’re doing critical work during this pandemic, contact us and get a 90 day license with unlimited seats to organize and streamline all media handling, like the production of educational material or organization of research documentation, which many of our government, research and medical clients already do. This also applies to existing customers of course – if you need extra seats or the latest version of the software don’t hesitate to reach out to Lesspain Softweare. They’ll extend this offer as needed.

If you are looking for working solutions to deal with remote collaboration in these times, Kyno may be the solution you need. Due to the growing demand for remote collaboration, Lesspain Software has published the first part of a video series that demonstrates how Kyno can help with that. The 6 minutes video demonstrates an editorial collaboration workflow using Dropbox, Kyno and Adobe Premiere Pro, one of many options to collaborate using Kyno.

Lesspain Software offers a 90 day license for Kyno Premium

Working from home with Kyno

What’s interesting in this first part of a video series on Collaboration is that it represents a real-world example that is true to many of us: the director and editor are both working from home and don’t have a great Internet connection so they need to be careful with the bandwidth. They use a Dropbox account and a shared folder for their project and… well, you’ll have to watch the video to know how they manage. If you want to see the next videos, subscribe to the YouTube channel or visit Kyno’s website.

If the video published made you want to know more, download Kyno and give it a try. If you need more information,  or if there’s anything else that the company can assist with, write and send an email to corona-response@lesspain.software and Lesspain Sofware will get back to you as soon as possible.