Best Youtube Lighting Setup

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As creating online content becomes more accessible, more and more people are starting to shoot videos on their own. Whether it’s for YouTube, corporate videos, or even testimonials, there are a few basic lighting principles to take into consideration. Additionally, these techniques can be used in a wide range of situations. Today on 4 Minute Film School, we are going to show you how to light a home studio, using both the best lights available, as well as more budget-friendly options.

In this video, Matt from the A-Team walks us through what to consider when lighting a home studio. First, he decides what he is going to use for his key light. This could depend on space or budget limitations. Second, he decides what he is going to use as his background light. The background light, or the background environment itself, can be a great way to add personality to your setup.

The main aspects addressed in this video are key lights and the background. The key light is the main light that’s lighting your subject. Because you’ll be talking on camera, it’s very important to light your face well. Therefore the quality of your key light can do a lot to affect the look of your shot. The background in this case refers to any lighting you place behind your subject, as well as the environment you are shooting in. Whether you use a solid color backdrop, or the wall of your bedroom, the background of your shot can help give viewers an idea of the content you’re creating. Additionally, placing lights in your background is an easy way to create separation between the background and the subject.

No matter what your content is, it’s important to have good lighting. Adding professionalism in your lighting is a quick way to add to the legitimacy of your content. Try using the subject of the video to influence the lighting featured in your work. Even though your video might not be a narrative short film, it can still have a script, and that script is still the most important factor when determining the look of a shot.

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