Does Making Midnight Movies Sharpen Your Style?

Forget boy-meets-girl. What about girl-meets-slug? Or boy-meets-meats-grinder?

What makes something a ‘midnight’ film anyway? Is there a relationship between pushing boundaries in subject matter and innovation in visual style? Also, how do you set a room on fire, light for the most awkward romance ever, and get permission from the Trinity Broadcasting Network to use their audio recordings of Hell?

These are a few of the great questions that are answered in this highly entertaining conversation with six filmmakers whose short films played in the Midnight program at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. Listen to this roundtable conversation to learn about the ‘making-of’ these incredibly different and delightful midnight movies, and get encouragement on taking your own filmmaking risks.

Danny’s Girl, directed by Emily Wilson

Thanks to the rad partnership between Oscilloscope and MailChimp to bring shorts that were going to screen at SXSW to us, you can now watch Danny’s Girl here!

The logline per the film’s official site:

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