Free live Nuke training during the lock-down: Monday 10am, April 6

nuketitleAlways been curious about Nuke, Foundry’s VFX package, but didn’t know where to start? Start Monday at 10am with this free live intro course. Ask all the dumb questions you want in the live chat.

Us folk in the entertainment industry are no strangers to “gaps between freelance gigs.” But why not take this time to learn an entirely new skill? This Monday’s class will be a live, interactive event where we make visual effects compositing in Nuke understandable to everyone. If you’ve stared confused as people wire nodes together, prepare to be enlightened. And thanks to the live chat, get answers to your questions instead of scratching your head at a prerecorded tutorial video.

To prepare, download a non-commercial version of Nuke from It’s good for renders up to 1920×1080 without any ugly watermark.

See you at 10am Monday (yes, we know that’s two hours earlier than your current COVID-19 breakfast schedule, but make the effort to get up early.)

Link to the YouTube page.