Lindsey Optics Large Format Director’s Viewfinder Covers Formats From Super-35 to Alexa 65

American filter-specialized company Lindsey Optics has just introduced a new line of products with its Large Format Director’s Viewfinder. This director’s viewfinder comes with three different optics and can cover formats from Super-35 up to Alexa 65. Let’s take a closer look at it!


Image credit: Lindsey Optics

Lindsey Optics Large Format Director’s Viewfinder

Lindsey Optics is mostly known for making high-quality cinema filters like their Brillant² line. The American company just introduced the Large Format Director’s Viewfinder that can cover a wide variety of formats including:

  • Large Format (ARRI Alexa 65 and RED Monstro 8K).
  • Full Frame (Sony Venice).
  • Super 35.

To switch between each format, you have to change a module inside the Large Format Director’s Viewfinder. But don’t worry, this is a speedy and tool-free process, all you have to do is press a button, and the modules slips in and out.

The LF Viewfinder features an LPL lens mount, but also includes an LPL to PL Mount adapter. You can adjust the eyepiece diopter from -4 to +4.


Image credit: Lindsey Optics

The Large Format Director’s Viewfinder attaches to a handle extension that features a dovetail slide. By loosening the Kipp arm, it allows you to adjust the center of gravity of the entire setup, depending on the weight of the lens you’re using.

Finally, the LF Viewfinder comes with a contoured oak handle base that is rosette adjustable. If you want to mount accessories directly to the viewfinder or mount it to a stand, there are 1/4-20″ mounting points at the base of the viewfinder, base of the handle extension, and oak handle base.

Price and Availability

The Lindsey Optics Large Format Director’s Viewfinder is available now for $10.000. At this price-point, it is nearly a rental-only product, but it is priced similarly to the P+S Optica Magnus Full Frame Finder, for example.

What do you think of this Large Format Director’s Viewfinder? Do you often use a director’s viewfinder? Let us know in the comments below!

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