All SXSW 2020 Films Will Soon Be Streaming on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is set to launch a 10-day initiative that will give all SXSW 2020 movies a chance to be seen.

Later in April, Amazon Prime will debut Prime Video Presents the SXSW 2020 Film Festival Collection, a 10-day initiative that will stream SXSW 2020 films. It’s set to replace the abandoned SXSW festival that had to be canceled due to COVID-19.

This is great news for filmmakers who wanted the world to see the movies, TV shows, and shorts they worked so hard to produce.

A fee of an undisclosed amount will be paid to the makers of each film and the filmmakers don’t have to agree to it. You would think filmmakers who have already signed VOD deals or theatrical orders will not showcase here.

Filmmakers who choose to participate will receive a screening fee for streaming their film over the 10-day period. The launch date is yet to be announced, but SXSW and Prime Video are targeting a late April date. SXSW has shared details on the opportunity with 2020 filmmakers, who can opt-in starting today.

Still, Amazon offers the widest opportunity to get viewers on their projects.

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