Hold on to Your Butts! Why ‘Jurassic Park’ is a Perfect Movie

There are few movies in the world we call “perfect” but Jurassic Park is one of them. Find out why…

There’s a magic to a perfect movie. You sit down and turn it on, and you remember exactly where you were and what was going on in your life when it changed. For me, I was sitting on the edge of my parent’s bed when they popped in a VHS of Jurassic Park after it was released on video in 1994.

I was not allowed to see it in theaters, that would come later during a rerelease, but I was still swept up in the insanity and wonderment that was entering the park.

The John Williams score carries you into the imagination of Spielberg, Crichton, and Koepp, a place where dinosaurs walk the earth and science makes anything possible.

Until it gets dangerous.

Today I want to celebrate the genius of Jurassic Park and talk about what makes it a perfect movie.

Check out this video from Wisecrack and let’s talk after the jump.

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