What’s the Biggest Question Your Script or Pitch MUST Answer

When you’re writing, you can get so caught up in the plot and characters that you forget the main question asked by those who might want to buy your script, “Why now?”

Every time you sit to write, you’re tasked with clearing an unbelievable amount of hurdles for your audience. You have to develop characters, arcs, thread plot lines, and make sure all the beats land.

With all that in mind, even if you nail every single task, there is still a humungous chance your idea does not sell, one of the biggest reasons being that your script doesn’t answer the most important question…

“Why now?”

When your script is passed up the development ladder, that question will be asked every step of the way. Sure, some places think they can retrofit or rewrite the answer, but wouldn’t you like to have an answer right off the bat?

The best writers do.

That’s why we’re going to go over some strategies to answer this big question and infuse it into your work. So, let’s get started!

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