7 DIY Filmmaking Hacks for When You’re Stuck at Home

Being stuck in your house doesn’t mean you can’t still make cinematic films.

March 2020 will go down as the longest month ever recorded in the history of humankind. Why? Because a third of the world’s population is on lockdown due to the novel coronavirus.

We filmmakers are no longer able to go to set, travel the world, or shoot in literally any location other than our own homes, which means that we have to get creative with what we have available around us if we want to make films while on quarantine.

In this video, Yannick from Cinecom has shared 7 DIY hacks that will help you turn everyday household items into nifty filmmaking gear—so, you know—it won’t matter that all of your gear is collecting dust in a studio or warehouse somewhere.

Check it out below:

Whether you’re stuck at home due to COVID-19, an empty gas tank, or a general sense of malaise or ennui, these hacks will not only get your creative juices flowing but allow you to create some interesting (and pretty stylish) cinematic effects.

Here’s a quick list of the hacks used in the video.

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