6 DPs Reveal Their Process and How They Built Their Careers

At Sundance 2020 we gathered a group of cinematographers for a round table discussion.

Charles Haine sits down with Sundance DPs to picks their brains. The conversation ranges on topics from how they got on the projects that ended up at Sundance, to what other career aspirations they have. Their projects range from short to feature, from doc to narrative. It’s a wide range of skills and experience represented all opening up about how they do their jobs.

Feature on this podcast are:

Kenny Suleimanagich for Three Deaths.

Carlos F. Rossini forVivos.

Wolfgang Held for Rebuilding Paradise.

Juan Pablo Ramirez for I Carry You With Me

Jenny Marillo for Us Kids

Eric Branco for The 40 year Old Version.

For more, see our ongoing list of coverage of the 2020 Sundance Film Festival.

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