The New K-Tek Klassic Interview Pole Is Perfect for Short Distance Interviews

K-Tek has a new 6′ boompole that doubles as an extended handgrip.

While most film and television productions have come to a halt, there are still news teams covering stories daily for those at home. Keeping a safe social distance for on-camera interviews during this difficult time can be challenging. The boompole is a logical choice to record usable audio from a distance. K-Tek has introduced a new boompole that doubles an as extended handgrip to offer safer interviews.

Key Features

  • Graphite Carbon Fiber Body
  • 2 Sections
  • Foam Grip
  • 3/8″ Threaded Stud
  • 5/8″ Threaded Adapter

The K-Tek Klassic Interview Pole (KIP) is a graphite boompole made from carbon fiber and uses similar quick-release collars found on other Klassic boompoles. It’s lightweight, weighing only 0.6 lbs (285g) and has two sections allowing it to extend from 3′-2.5″ (97.79 cm) to 6′ (1.84 m). While the release and lock collars are not the same as as its higher-end Klassic captive collet collars (and it’s not expected), a simple twist and it’s locked in place.

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