How To Build an Affordable Pro Studio – Syrp Tutorial

The new Syrp Tutorial is about building an affordable professional photo/video studio with a white three-walled Cyclorama. The build uses regular materials from a hardware store as a cost-effective solution. Syrp offers the plans and drawings packed in a PDF file and they are also giving away one Magic Carpet Pro among those who download the PDF.

Building a Pro Studio with Cyclorama. Source: Syrp

New Zealand based motion control devices manufacturer Syrp (now part of the Vitec Group) started to produce a series of online tutorials. Last year, we already wrote about their Food Commercial Tutorial or their Cinematic Apple-like Ads Tutorial. Mostly, these tutorials promote Syrp motion control devices as a more affordable alternative.

Recently, Syrp released a new tutorial on how to build a professional photo/video studio on a budget. This time, there is no Syrp product placement and I think the tutorial includes a few useful tips. Let’s take a short look at it.

How To Build an Affordable Pro Studio – Syrp Tutorial

Last year, Syrp moved to a larger space and they decided to build their own Cyclorama studio. For those who are not familiar with this term, Cyclorama (or shortly “Cyc”) is a studio fit-out with no visible corners, giving the illusion of an infinite background. Most Cycloramas nowadays are either white or chroma green and they are being used on a wide variety of shoots. Basically, every good professional studio has a Cyclorama.

This Syrp video tutorial only shows the Cyc build, it does not tackle lightning or other aspects. Cycloramas are commercially available as a vacuum-formed or fiberglass sets, but they are quite expensive. The idea behind this tutorial was to build an affordable Cyclorama, so the Syrp guys designed and built the three-walled white Cyc themselves using standard materials from a hardware store.


There is a written version of the tutorial as well on the Syrp Education blog, so you can head there to read on for more tips. They even packaged all the details, drawings, and plans of the build into a downloadable PDF file. To access the plans and enter Syrp’s competition to win a Magic Carpet Pro, follow this link.

What do you think about this Syrp Tutorial? Did you ever build a studio? Let us know in the comment section underneath the article.

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