What Was the Best Scene Within the Entirety of ‘Lost’?

Lost gave us so many great scenes to enjoy, but this one, in particular, was indicative of what the show would bring.

We have to go back to the island!

I don’t think there’s a post I’ve written on this website where I haven’t tried to shoehorn in a Lost reference whenever applicable. For me, Lost was the TV show of my formative years. It carried me from the end of high school all the way through college.

I tried to date every “Kate” I came across and desperately wanted to be a Sawyer even though I was somewhere between a Hurley and Charlie.

Either way, Lost shaped a generation. It showed that network TV should and could be held to the standard we expected from cable. It launched a resurgence of mainstream science fiction and got an entire world used to flashbacks and flashforwards.

For us fans, it’s hard to pick a favorite episode, let alone a favorite scene of the entire show, but one Lost fanatic did and made a video backing up his sentiment.

Check out this video from the Language of Story and let’s talk after the jump.

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