How Did ‘Knives Out’ Pull Off That Plot Twist?

Rian Johnson knows how to twist a plot!

Look, I know just the name Rian Johnson causes a huge stir around here. I get it. I truly believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. The reasons I love this site and our readers are that they are passionate about creation and not afraid to speak their minds.

Today, I want to teach a lesson about plot twists using the Rian Johnson movie Knives Out.

Even though the video example uses some stuff from The Last Jedi, I’m going to leave that out.

We’re going to focus on the positive.

I love the subversions used in Knives Out that play on the genre and make complex choices that continue to keep the audience engaged at every turn.

Check out this video from The Closer Look and let’s talk more after the jump!

And obviously, major spoilers ahead!

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