6 Things the Sundance Institute Is Doing to Fight the COVID-19 Crisis

Sundance Institute lays out its 6-point plan on how it will weather the COVID-19 crisis.

The independent film industry has been uniquely affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic. Important film festivals where indie filmmakers screen their films and make career-starting connections have been canceled, while educational programs and events have been postponed or moved online.

We as a community are in uncharted territory, but the Sundance Institute, being one of (if not the) biggest names in indie film, has laid out their plan on how it will navigate the new challenges posed by COVID-19.

Sundance Institute CEO and executive director Keri Putnam send out a list of things Sundance is doing to “reimagine the future.”

Let’s go over each item:

58 live programs will no longer be in-person gatherings

All of the live programs, workshops, and intensives Sundance had planned through August 2020 will not take place in-person, including the 2020 Summer Labs. Furthermore, London and Hong Kong Sundance Film Festivals have been postponed. Dates still pending.

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