Atomos Ninja V 10.3 Update Adds Grid Overlay, Anamorphic De-Squeeze, and Others

AtomOS 10.3 firmware adds new features and addresses Nikon RAW image issues.

The 5″ Atomos Ninja V has been out in the field for over 2 years and has had its share of criticism. Some users have reported it dropping frames or having gamma shift errors. Others are displeased with the separate $75 Atomos Docking Station that’s needed to transfer the SSD files to a computer. (Quick Tip: there are less expensive alternatives out there in the form of SATA adapter cables, including this one that’s a SATA to USB-C.)

Overall, the Ninja V is a very capable monitor/recorder that continues to improve through updates. AtomOS 10.3 first reached the Shogun 7, and now expands the functionality of the Ninja V further.

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