Filmmaking Lessons You’ll Wish You Learned Early On

You’re going to make mistakes as a new filmmaker, but these ones are some real doozies.

In the world of filmmaking, only one thing is assured—mistakes will be made. By you. All the time. For a long time.

There’s no way to avoid it; in fact, it’s oftentimes what makes us better at doing what we do. You lose a bunch of footage, so you learn to back it up. Your shoot gets rained out, so you learn to check the weather beforehand. You wear flipflops on set all day, so you learn to throw those shits in the garbage.

However, there are several missteps you can make along your creative journey that will keep you from maturing, growing, and elevating your craft. Darious Britt of D4Darious talks about a handful of them in the video below in hopes that maybe you can avoid wasting some of the most exciting years in your career. Check it out below:

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