How ‘True Detective’ Portrayed Realistic Characters?

True Detective burst onto the scene with characters who felt like real cops and real people. How can you recreate the same magic in your own writing? We have some ideas.

One of the best new television shows in the 2010s was HBO’s True Detective. It was part of the resurgence of anthology series and part of the Matthew McConaughey comeback that made him one of the most popular actors in Hollywood.

This was one of the first times two certified movie stars did a TV show that was serious, deep, and felt like it had an energy behind it that shook up a boring genre.

Even though the following seasons were less popular, the first season will be remembered for the way it created realistic dialogue and characters that never felt like the story was meandering or boring. So today, let’s dig deep into the show creator, Nic Pizzolatto’s advice for writers and how he worked on all the aspects of the show.

Check out this video from Behind the Curtain.

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