Learn How to Edit with These Free Resources

Editors are often the unsung heroes of storytelling. Learn the basics and beyond with these helpful lessons.

Editing is an art form learned over time, and even those considered to be the best in the business openly admit that they are still improving their craft with every new project. If you want to learn how to edit, there is an abundance of resources available. But where do you start?

Some might say to rip the band-aid off and dive into a timeline immediately. Others will suggest rising through the ranks as an assistant editor. Signing up for classes is also an option. So is reading books about the craft. Walter Murch’s In the Blink of An Eye is a must for every editor and filmmaker. Reading and watching interviews is another great way to learn from those who have done it before, like this one with editor Lee Smith or this video series where top editors share essential advice. The point is, everyone learns and comes up through the ranks differently.

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