4 Tips for Adapting a Short Story into a Feature

If you’re working on an adaptation, why not learn from the best?

In Hollywood studios’ never-ending quest for material and IP to base movies on, they’ve gone through books, toys, board games, cartoons, restaurants, and every vague brand association. But recently, short stories have caught the attention of studio executives as a quick way to acquire a great idea that can go in a lot of fun directions.

Recently, Premium Beat showcased discussions with screenwriters who have expanded short stories into notable features, including Eric Heisserer (Arrival; adapted from Ted Chiang’s “The Story of Your Life”), Allan Scott (Don’t Look Now), as well as author Maile Meloy, whose short stories “Certain Women” were adapted into a film by Kelly Reichardt.

If you’re looking to adapt a short story into a feature film, you can learn a lot from what these talented writers have to say. Let’s see what kind of advice they have for us.

1. Make It A Movie

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