Missing Your People? Have a Remote Movie Night with Netflix Party

Want to social distance but still chill? Netflix Party has you covered.

I miss my friends. Sometimes, I even miss my enemies. Social distancing has been hard for people all over the globe, but one of Netflix’s goodies is a great way to stay engaged with those we’re apart from.

It’s called Netflix Party and it allows people all over to sync up and watch the same thing together.

That way, you can all be at the same part of the movie and message back and forth.

The extension has been around for a few years giving people a chance to enjoy movies and TV shows together without having to meet up in person. However, in light of recent COVID-19 developments, it’s a great idea for quarantines, too.

So how do you do it?

Netflix Party Lets You Watch Movies with Other People

You need to get Google Chrome and a Netflix subscription first. Now let’s go through the way this sucker works so you can get watching.

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