Does ‘Joker’ Owe Some of Its Success to the Chaos on Set?

According to director Todd Phillips, set life on Joker “felt like the inmates were running the asylum,” which was actually a really good thing.

Joker was one of the most polarizing films of the year, if not the entire decade (though loving or hating Spring Breakers still results in cinephilic throwdowns to this day). However, most people in the film community are in agreement that what Todd Phillips and his team managed to do was rather special: make a 60 million dollar superhero movie that wasn’t quite a superhero movie. Joker was entirely about a supervillain, and it still reached superhero movie box office sales… a little over $1 billion.

It makes you wonder how they did it. What did the Joker team tap into in order to produce the critical success of a dark character study, but with the box office receipts of a comic book tentpole?

We spoke to Joker DP Larry Scher about the process on the No Film School Podcast:

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