Why Did Kubrick Change ‘The Shining’ Against Stephen King’s Will?

What changes did Stanley Kubrick make to The Shining that made Stephen King angry? And why were those changes necessary to the story?

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is one of the most influential horror movies, and movies in general, ever released. It’s been heralded, homages, copied, and satirized on The Simpsons, which is the world’s highest honor.

It seems like everyone loves talking about The Shining…everyone but Stephen King…you know, the guy who wrote the original book on which the movie is based.

The feud between King and Kubrick is legendary, but what’s less known is the reason for it. Sure, changes were made from book to movie, that ALWAYS happens across every adaptation, but why were these ones so egregious?

Let’s head to the Overlook Hotel, pop open the door to room 237, and find out.

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