Tips and Tricks for Shooting Commercials on a Budget

Diving into commercial cinematography? These tips and techniques will help you not only stay on budget but impress your clients in a big way.

Whether it’s a deeply held passion or just a stepping stone on a path towards narrative projects, most filmmakers will eventually earn a paycheck or two from commercial work. While the income is a really, really nice change of pace from the bottomless financial pit that we so often find ourselves in while making movies, this type of work comes with a unique set of challenges. Namely satisfying clients so you can keep getting hired.

Indy Mogul has a couple of great videos on its YouTube channel right now in which Ted Sim goes over some professional techniques used by DP Justin Jones. These videos will surely help you elevate your commercial cinematography game. Check them both out below.

The first one walks you through shooting a classic “beer” commercial, including the difficult lighting set-ups you often encounter for these types of projects.

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