How Are Scene Descriptions Written? Let the Coen Brothers Teach You

Two of the best writers today are brothers, the Coens, so what can we learn from emulating the way they write scene descriptions?

The Coen brothers are some of my favorite filmmakers. They have a distinct style on the page and their movies are all memorable and bold. They take a lot of chances in storytelling and not all of them work out.

Still, I find them to be fearless, genius, and worthy of copying as you develop your own voice—especially when it comes to writing scene descriptions.

In this video from Revising the Script, we get to dig into how the Coens do it in their own screenplays. Check it out below and let’s talk after the jump.

Learn Scene Descriptions from the Coen Brothers

I think THE BEST way to learn to write scene descriptions and action is to watch a scene from your favorite movie and then write what you see. Then look at how your favorite writers described what happened and see where you match.

Not only will this exercise get you thinking cinematically and visually, but it shows you how professionals do what you want to do for a living.

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