ProLite X4372UHSU from iiyama: a new 43-inch 4k monitor for work and leisure

iiyama ProLite X4372UHSU: a new 43-inch 4k monitor

Excellent colour reproduction and wide viewing angles are some of the features of the iiyama ProLite X4372UHSU, a new 43-inch 4k monitor that photographers may want to check.

All for one and one for all, that’s how iiyama presents its newest product, the behemoth ProLite X4372UHSU, a 43-inch monitor with a resolution of (3840 x 2160) that aims satisfy the needs of those who look for a truly immersive experience, both at work or when watching movies or gaming. The company also included a feature many will appreciate: the screen can be divided into four, to offer users  a workplace equal to four Full HD displays put together without the bezel getting in their view and saving them the hassle with extra cables.

Back in 2019 iiyama introduced its 34-inch ultra-wide desktop monitor, designed with programmers, music producers, video editors and designers in mind. The ProLite XUB3493WQSU is an ultra-wide monitor with IPS Panel Technology offering higher contrast, darker blacks and much better viewing angles than standard TN technologies. Featuring UWQHD resolution, PIP/PbP, Black Tuner, FreeSync Technology and a 400 cd/m² HDR Ready Screen, the 21:9 panel is suitable for those who use applications side-by-side, want to enhance their productivity and take their gaming experience to new levels.

iiyama ProLite X4372UHSU: a new 43-inch 4k monitor

A monitor for photography

Now the company announces the ProLite X4372UHSU, yet another solution aiming at all those who are never happy with the screen space they’ve available. The new monitor features a 43-inch display with 16:9 aspect ratio which has a high-quality IPS matrix in 4K resolution (3840 x 2160), which, as said, is capable of displaying 4 times more information than a Full HD screen, thanks to the Ultra HD resolution and the PbP (picture-by-picture) function.

The ProLite X4372UHSU-B1 will suit, says the company,  a vast range of applications where simultaneous active applications are a standard, including Data Analysis, CAD / CAM, photography or data virtualization. Users can also relax during working hours and watch a favorite movie in one window while staying productive on the others.

After work the monitor can also serve as a home entertainment centre. Watching movies or gaming become real pleasure. The low response time (4ms) allows enjoying dynamic games and High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology support makes the image in games or movies even more vivid and colours more saturated.

iiyama ProLite X4372UHSU: a new 43-inch 4k monitor

Sound for professionals

The panel comes with three digital signal inputs: 2x HDMI (v. 1.2/2.0), 2x DisplayPort (v. 1.2) and 4x USB port (2x v. 3.0 and 2x v. 2.0). A headphone input and 2 x 9W speakers deliver high quality sound whether for multimedia use or professions dedicated to video and sound processing.

Combining the blue light reducer and flicker free functions with vibrant 450 cd/m² brightness and HDR support, the display offers accurate colours and pin-sharp images. It also has a most convenient headphone hook on the back of the screen and an infrared remote allowing, among others, volume and OSD menu control. Moreover, the display can be mounted on any wall mount compatible with VESA standard.