5 Ways Robert Eggers Wins at Being a Weird Filmmaker

Robert Eggers is one of the most interesting directors working today, and lucky for us, he has some insight to share about filmmaking.

There are few brighter minds working than Robert Eggers. As a writer and director, he’s always taking us into the past to confront hidden secrets and issues we have inside our relationships and heads.

His films are challenging, memorable, and leave an indelible mark on their viewers.

When I saw Eggers was giving an over hour-long lecture for BAFTA, I immediately sprang out of my chair, grabbed my goat, and settled back in to hear him drop some knowledge bombs.

Check out the video from BAFTA Guru here and let’s talk lessons after the break.

5 Writing and Directing Tips from Robert Eggers

Eggers has always been open about his approach to filmmaking. He even did an AMA that was incredibly useful to our readers, so seeing him on video was even more of the same. Below are some of my favorite things he said across the hour-long conversation.

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