Cronenberg’s Psycho Horror ‘Possessor’ Is a Masterclass in Practical, Experimental Effects

Brandon Cronenberg and DP Karim Hussain spent 7 years developing Possessor, during which they invented a full library of practical effects and a groundbreaking approach to cinematography.

When it comes to the Cronenbergs, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree—especially if that apple is a prosthetic head, and if it smashes into bloody pieces when it hits the ground. Brandon Cronenberg, David Cronenberg’s son, has continued in his father’s tradition of pioneering sci-fi body-horror. His feature debut, Antiviral, premiered at Cannes in 2012, announcing the younger Cronenberg as an audacious director to watch. Now, 8 years later, Brandon is at Sundance with his sophomore effort, Possessor, in which he considerably ups the ante on gore, violence, psychological chill, and scintillating practical effects. It’s a thrilling descent into body-snatching phantasmagoria, with mind-melding visuals and a masterfully created atmosphere.

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Nikon NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 S Lens Review for Cinematography

Is the Nikon NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 S lens good for serious cinematography and video? Let’s take a good look.

MASV launches new service to upload large files to Amazon S3

MASV has announced a new service that lets you easily upload large files over 5GB to Amazon S3. The new feature allows users to upload via MASV, directly into an Amazon S3 bucket, rather than having to download & re-upload the files, saving time and money. The new feature offers the same simple delivery workflow … Continued

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Nik Collection 2.5 update adds new color film emulations and Affinity Photo support

DxO has released an update for its Nik Collection 2.5 standalone app and plugin, bringing with it new film stock emulations and updated support.

Nik Collection 2.5, which DxO is teasing as the ‘Legendary Color Films Revival,’ brings along five new film stock emulations: Agfa Precisa 100, Fuji FP100C, Fuji Instax, Fuji Provia 400X and Lomo RedScale 100. In addition to the new film stocks, the update also adds support for the latest version of Serif’s Affinity Photo editing program, which we covered earlier today.

The 2.5 update works with Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, DxO PhotoLab 2 Essential Edition, Affinity Photo 1.8 and as a standlone app. It’s available for free to all current owners and is available to purchase for $149. The collection includes Analog Efex Pro, Color Efex Pro, Dfine, HDR Efex Pro, Viveza, Silver Efex Pro, Sharpener Pro and DxO PhotoLab.

Author’s note: The unaffiliated coupon code ‘GET-15-NOW’ should get you 15-percent off the collection, based on a pop-up that was shown to me on the DxO website while looking at the details of this update.

DxO Unveils Nik 2.5: Adds 5 New Film Simulations and Affinity Photo Support

Fan’s of the Nik Collection plugin suite—formerly owned by Google, currently owned by DxO—got a new update today. With the Nik Collection 2.5, DxO has added five new film simulations to Color Efex Pro 4, as well as full compatibility for users of the popular program Affinity Photo.

This update follows hot on the heels of a major update for Silver Efex Pro 4, and less than a year after the update to Nik 2.0. The main improvement is the addition of five new color film simulations from Fuji, Agafa and Lomography:


According to DxO, each of these film stocks was “carefully selected for its chromatic intensity and fine grain.”

PRECISA CT 100 was chosen for its “iconic neutral effect and deep blues,” FP-100C for its “ability to accurately reproduce colors and its rich tonal gradations,” INSTAX for its “color balance and tonal range that is superior to Polaroid films,” PROVIA 400X for its “excellent granularity and contrast, radiant colors, and even gray balance,” and REDSCALE 100 for its “warm colors, which are popular among lomography fans.”

The other major improvement to the plugin suite for Version 2.5 is the addition of support for the popular RAW editor Affinity Photo by Serif. Formerly only compatible with Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, and Elements, the Nik Collection 2.5 is now “fully compatible” with the newly-released Affinity Photo 1.8.

As Affinity Photo has grown in popularity and more photographers choose to use it over the subscription-based Lightroom, Serif says more and more of its customers have been asking for Nik compatibility. Now they’ve got it on both Mac and PC.

The Nik Collection 2.5 is available now for $150 if you’re a new user, $80 if you own the Nik Collection 2018, or as a free upgrade if you already own DxO’s Nik Collection 2. To find out more about this update, head over to the DxO website.

The latest LEGO Collectable Minifigure series includes a UAV operator complete with drone, controller and battle wound

At the Toy Fair in New York City, LEGO unveiled its latest collection of minifigures, consisting of 16 themed characters, each of which has costumes and props to boot.

The collection, which is the 20th of its kind since LEGO started the series back in 2010, features a number of fun and playful characters, but one in particular stands out—a drone pilot. One of the collectable minifigs is an enthusiastic drone pilot that comes complete with a LEGO drone, a LEGO controller and even a bandage on their face to suggest they’ve been nicked by the propellors of the drone.

The drone operator minifig, along with the other 15 characters, is set to start shipping April 19, 2020 for $4.99.

Image credits: Photos by The Brothers Brick, used with permission

This Moment 67mm Filter Mount Works with Almost Any Phone

Moment filter mount makes adding filters easy.

Adding a neutral density (ND) or polarizing filter (CPL) can go a long way in improving image quality. Moment has a 67mm Filter Mount that’s designed to fit phones with multiple cameras with or without a case.

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The new Tamron 70-180mm f/2.8 FE will start shipping out in late Spring and price will make “everybody happy”

Marc Morris from Tamron shared some tidbits about the new Tamron 70-180mm f/2.8 FE lens: weather sealed super fast AF very low price (SAR note: I bet it’s nearly half the price of the Sony GM 70-200) shipment start in…

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Nikon Firmware 3.0 Field Test: Nikon’s Autofocus Just Got WAY Better

Boston-based wedding photographer William Hall of The Monochrome Memoirs and Perla Images recently updated his Nikon Z6 to the latest Firmware 3.0, and the news is good: it seems Nikon just gave their mirrorless cameras a HUGE autofocus boost.

The headline feature of the recent Firmware 3.0 update for the full-frame Nikon Z6 and Z7 was Animal Eye Autofocus, but that’s not actually that relevant for wedding photographers like Hall. The good news is Nikon did a lot more than just copy this one feature from Sony—the update also improved the cameras’ AF tracking and even changed the way subject tracking works to make it more like the much-beloved 3D Tracking option on Nikon DSLRs.

This is exactly what Hall found when installed the update on his Nikon Z6, and he’s adamant about how much the camera’s hit rate and usability has improved.

“Nikon have given us a huge update here that I’m very very happy with,” says Hall. “The hit rate on AF-C is much much better. It’s not just the fact that the face tracking actually sticks to the face and eye better—which it does—but the actual hit rate… there are way more [photos] in focus.”

After discussing these and other improvements and how they’ve impacted his work, Hall starts the actual live testing—recorded using an Atomos Ninja V—around the 4:50 mark. From that point on you can see for yourself how the update has improved the cameras’ hit rate, and how the ability to map “Subject Tracking” to one of the Fn buttons and activate it using AF/ON makes the Nikon Z6 and Z7 tracking much more capable in a professional environment.

Check out the full video up top to see this update in action, and if you own a Nikon Z6 or Z7, update your camera ASAP. As with several of the recent firmware updates from the major manufacturers—Canon and Fuji have also released AF improvements via firmware—this can actually make a major difference for your workflow and results.