How (and Why) I Made an Indie Sci-Fi Feature Film for $30K

I also managed to sell it to a distributor to get a theatrical and digital release… and you can, too.

I made a $30,000 sci-fi feature film. It won awards at festivals. I sold it to a distributor and it’s getting a limited theatrical release and a global digital release.

But I am NOT here to tell you that I took a $30,000 budget and made a feature film that looks like it cost $100 million dollars.

And I’m not here to claim that I think micro-budget films can, if we’re just clever enough, go toe-to-toe with Hollywood blockbusters.

I’m going to share five kinds of obstacles I overcame in idea generation, world-building, production, VFX workflow, and distribution that I hope will make it easier for you to make a micro-budget sci-fi.

But I also want to make an argument that we should rethink why we are making independent films in the first place, especially indie sci-fi and speculative films.

I don’t think we should even be trying to compete with Hollywood. We should be striving to make films that are strikingly different from big-budget films.

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