Want to Watch Unlimited Movies at the Alamo Drafthouse for One Low Price?

The Alamo Drafthouse has introduced a season pass that offers great deals for cinephiles.

Love movies and want to experience watching with other movie lovers? Well, the Alamo Drafthouse is the ultimate way to enjoy cinema, especially with its “rowdy” showings where people can scream and interact with the movie as it plays. But now that the theater chain has launched its own subscription program, Season Pass, across its 41 locations all over America, this might be the perfect gift to buy yourself or someone else in your city.

Season Pass is the only subscription program that allows guests to have the Alamo Drafthouse cinematic experience every single day all for one low monthly fee. The membership provides one regularly priced ticket per day, with reservations available up to seven days in advance.

And it’s not just the new releases…

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