What Does a Development Executive Do?

Development executives are the secret people behind all your favorite movies and TV shows but what do they actually do? Let’s find out.

You’ve written a great screenplay or directed one you’re proud of and want to show the world. Your agent or manager sends it out to development executives who review it and formulate an opinion. After that, they do their job. But what is the job of a development executive?

What do they do every day and how does their job affect Hollywood on the whole?

Today, we’ll go over the general tasks of development execs and talk about how you can get the job they have, what they do, and where the industry is going.

What is a Development Executive?

This is a high-level position generally above a creative executive within a studio or production company. They read scripts, take meetings, give notes and work on finding the intellectual property or source material that can be turned into film or television.

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