The New Maxima 7 LED is Bright, Compact and Flicker Free

This single source light is a 1.2K equivalent.

Lighting is an important tool in visual storytelling. We can use practicals, area lights, multi-source lights, volume lights, tube lights or even single source fixtures to shape mood, add subtext and illuminate scenes. Maxima 7 is a new single source LED in development from Italy. It’s being designed as a 5600K daylight fixture in a compact lightweight design.

Key Features

  • 1200W HMI Equivalent
  • 5600K
  • 97 TLCI
  • 95+ CRI

There’s an array of lighting manufactures and fixture types out there making it difficult to choose which one is right. We’ve spoke about Apurture in the past, specifically about its LS C300d II as it’s popular among filmmakers for its flexibility and price point. But it’s output is limited. What if you need something with more punch? Something brighter. Mole Richardson 20Ks come to mind. ARRI 18K /12Ks. K 5600 makes the Joker 800. AAdynTech has the Punch Daylight. Hive has its Plasma series. Even Apurture is developing the 600D, a 600W fixture. The list of available options is long.

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