The Best Wireless Audio Kits for Filmmaking at Any Budget

Clearing the clutter about wireless.

When it comes to recording quality audio one should never skimp. The trusted standby has always been a wired connection which production sound mixers still use today, especially on Christopher Nolan films. But advancements in wireless technology have significantly closed the quality gap between how wired and wireless connections sound.

Before diving in, we want to clarify that when mentioning wireless, we are talking about the actual transmission signal. Not the type of microphone.

For our purposes, a minimal wireless system consists of a transmitter, receiver, and a microphone. So keep in mind, what you attach to the transmitter – lavalier, handheld mic, boom mic, headset – is something different than the signal itself.

The quality of the microphone can vary greatly. So can the quality and features of the wireless transmitters and receivers. That said, let’s breakdown the nuts and bolts of wireless.

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