Blackmagic Camera Setup 6.8 Released

Blackmagic has released Camera Setup 6.8 which primarily improves the boot-up time of both the BMPCC 4K and 6K cameras. It also fixes a problem with the BMPCC 6K where EF lens stabilization cannot be turned on if the camera was started while the lens IS was in the off position. What’s new in Blackmagic … Continued

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Video: How to create a custom keyboard shortcut in Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe’s latest video in its ongoing ‘Photoshop Magic Minute’ series shows it’s possible to create a custom keyboard shortcut within Photoshop CC.

In the 60-second clip, Photoshop Product Manager Meredith Stotzner shows how, with just a few steps within Photoshop’s dedicated Keyboard Shortcuts sub-menu, you can create your own macro.

It’s a fairly basic trick, but for Photoshop newbies and those diving into the world of further customization, it’s a good, quick tip that can save a great deal of time and hundreds of keystrokes in the long-run.

You can find more 60-second Photoshop tips in Adobe’s ‘Photoshop Magic Minute’ playlist on Youtube.

The Importance of Balancing Light and Composition in Landscape Photography

The Importance of Balancing Light and Composition in Landscape Photography

Composition and light are two of the most important factors in any good landscape image, but depending on the scene you are photographing, the way they interact with each other can vary a great deal. This insightful video discusses the balance between light and composition and offers some great guidelines for learning how to prioritize them to create stronger and more compelling images.

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BAFTA 2020: The Special Visual Effects Winner

The BAFTA have announced their winner for the 2020 EE British Academy Film Awards!

Here is the winner for the Special Visual Effects:


You can check the complete list here.

© Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2020

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The Nikon D6 Is Likely on Its Way Soon Along With Two New Mirrorless Lenses

The Nikon D6 Is Likely on Its Way Soon Along With Two New Mirrorless Lenses

The Canon 1D X Mark III was recently released with some truly astounding specs, most notably a 20 fps burst rate with the mechanical shutter and 5.5K raw video at 60 fps. Now, attention is turning toward the Nikon camp, as the company prepares to announce the D6, the next iteration of their flagship DSLR.

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FiLMiC Pro’s DoubleTake app has non-standard audio until fixed

As announced at Apple’s WWDC in June 2019, DoubleTake is an app from FilMiC Pro which allows multicam recording in up to 1080p. Currently for iOS on certain iPhones, the free DoubleTake app offers framerates like ≈24, ≈25 or ≈30 fps at VFR, as covered in prior articles. The problem is the current version uses an audio sampling frequency that is non-standard for video. It is completely reasonable to have a reduced, non-premium feature set in a freemium model, but it’s just wrong to be non-standard.

In my humble opinion, with only offering 44.1 kHz, DoubleTake is like offering 1900×1000 instead of the standard 1920×1080. It just doesn’t fit the standard!

Here is a list of features which are okay to limit the freemium version of DoubleTake:

  • Offer only compressed AAC/M4A 48 kHz audio instead of PCM uncompressed 48 kHz audio
  • Offer only lower bit rate compressed recording at H.264 instead of offering higher bit rates in H.265.

On the other hand, 44.1 kHz doesn’t match established audio sampling standards in standard video destinations like:

All of the destinations listed above demand 48 kHz as I have covered in many past articles. 48 kHz is also the standard audio recording sampling frequency standard in all current consumer and professional camcorder formats for both HD 720p and HD 1080p.


DoubleTake team at FiLMiC Pro: Please fix the broken 44.1 kHz audio sampling and make it exclusively 48 kHz ASAP! Stop forcing producers to upsample the audio later. While you’re at it, make 48 kHz the only sampling option in FiLMiC Pro too. Thank you! (I still remember when you added 48 kHz to FiLMic Pro in 2012!)

Content producers: Demand your proper 48 kHz audio in DoubleTake here!

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One of my favorite service for broadcasting live via is Google Fi. Click here to save US$20 on Google Fi, which now works on iPhone and Android. With Google Fi (covered previously in several articles), there is no extra charge for data-only SIM cards on the same account, for up to 10 devices. You only pay for the total data, and data is free after 6 GB per month. So you could be using one Google FI SIM card on your primary phone, another in a tablet or secondary phone (or third, of fourth…).

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Helpful Tips for Posing and Photographing Men

Helpful Tips for Posing and Photographing Men

Posing can be one of the trickiest aspects of photography for many people and takes a lot of work to truly master and feel confident at. If posing is something you personally struggle with, this helpful video will give you lots of tips and examples specifically for working with men.

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William Friedkin Gets the Hitchcock/Truffaut Treatment in ‘Leap of Faith’

William Friedkin shocked audiences with his 1973 horror classic The Exorcist. Now, filmmaker Alexandre Philippe unpacks the director’s definitive film in his “cinema essay” Leap of Faith.

It’s rare to get the chance to really dive deeply into the story behind a movie. There are filmmaker interviews, but they are often short, and if they are done around the time a film comes out, they often avoid discussing the ending to avoid ruining the experience for audiences.

Leap of Faith, like other films by Alexandre Philippe, is something you don’t get to see every day. It’s a deep, deep dive into the work of a filmmaker. This is a feature-length interview with director William Friedkin on a single subject, The Exorcist. The whole film works as a window into the interior of the creative process, including an exploration of the collaborative relationship a director has with their actors.

We got a chance to talk to Alexandre at Sundance before the film’s premiere.

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