D-Link USB-C adapters: connection, power and extra displays up to 4K

D-Link USB-C adapters: connection, power and extra displays up to 4K

Whether you need to expand the number of  USB ports, transfer files or connect to extra displays up to 4K, D-Link has a solution for you, with the new, take anywhere, lineup of USB-C hub adapters.

The latest line of D-Link DUB Series includes solutions for a variety of situations. All the new USB-C hubs and adapters are designed to be compact, portable, and ready to use by simply plugging into a laptop or PC’s USB-C port as well as iMac and MacBook’s Thunderbolt 3 port, and instantly expanding connectivity or display. While the whole series offers some form of expanding the display view to a second monitor, some of them, like the DUB-V310, are made with videographers in mind.

D-Link USB-C adapters: connection, power and extra displays up to 4KThe 3-in-1 USB-C adapter (DUB-V310) was built for video. The adapter offers a Multi-Stream Transfer with HDMI, VGA and a DisplayPort, meaning it is possible to extend a laptop’s display to a TV or monitor wherever you are. The hub’s built-in Multi-Stream feature lets you extend a Windows display, or mirror a Mac display, by up to three external TVs or monitors simultaneously, by simply plugging into an available USB Type-C or Thunderbolt 3 port.

D-Link USB-C adapters: connection, power and extra displays up to 4K

A solution for every need

Two more solutions available for photographers and videographers working on the go are the 5-in-1 USB-C hub (DUB-M530) and 6-in-1 USB-C hub (DUB-M610). In addition to providing full visual quality through their ultra HD video resolution HDMI port, both come with supply Dual-slot SD card readers allowing access to data stored in SD and microSD cards.

The new line up from D-Link also includes solutions for the simple expansion of workspaces, like the 4-in-1 USB-C hub (DUB-M420), which instantly adds a second display with HDMI compatibility with ultra HD video resolution up to 4k at 30Hz and two additional USB 3.0 SuperSpeed 5 Gbps ports, allowing you to charge your laptop at the same time. If you need some more options, the 5-in-1 USB-C Hub (DUB-M520) offers high-quality live streaming on a second display, and also features an ethernet port that instantly adds a steady wired internet connection, enabling stunning videos and images with no lag and full-resolution video display via HDMI with up to 4K at 30Hz Ultra HD resolution.

DUB-M810, the 8-in-1 USB-C

For those who require reliable, consistent internet connection, power delivery and more, the 8-in-1 USB-C hub (DUB-M810) is the perfect docking station for ultra portable notebooks with a limited number of expansion ports. The 8-in-1 USB-C hub can connect up to three USB 3.0 SuperSpeed 5 Gbps ports, dual-Slot SD card readers, an ethernet port, plus one USB 3.0 Type C port with data sync and power delivery. It also offers  the option to connect a second display to the 4K HDMI port for video up to 4K resolution with no lag.

With the wide choice available, the new D-Link DUB series offers a range of wired internet connectivity, quick file transfer, and full resolution, some without even having to compromise on access to power, allowing users to extend their connections according to what they need.

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‘The Irishman’ Cinematographer on Visual Storytelling and Scorsese

Rodrigo Prieto is the cinematographer behind the epic The Irishman. Listen to how he and Scorsese let the story inform their visual shooting style.

Who among us is planning on seeing The Irishman in theaters soon?

I was lucky enough to check it out at The Landmark in Los Angeles, and I absolutely loved it. The theatrical experience truly brings out the attention to detail, VFX, and performances. Above all else, the cinematography of this movie is top-tier Scorsese. The visual approach here adds to the story, never detracts from it, and features enough experimentation to not feel like a retread of the director’s other gangster epics.

The mind behind the camera is Rodrigo Prieto. He shot Silence and Wolf of Wall Street with Scorsese and also was the DO behind Brokeback Mountain (among others). So how did The Irishman differ from those projects?

It had to do with the story of a killer…

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NETGEAR reduces complexity and cost of professional AV over IP

NETGEAR reduces complexity and cost of professional AV over IP

The new additions to the M4300 line of switches and the introduction of the new M4500 series 100 Gigabit Network Switches are NETGEAR’s answer to the tremendous demand for AV over IP.

NETGEAR advances professional AV over IP with new additions to the M4300 line of switches, 16, 24, and 48-port 10 Gigabit models, previously debuted at InfoComm,  and that are now available for purchase. Additionally, the new M4500 series 100 Gigabit Network Switches have been added to the NETGEAR managed switch line. All of these new offerings are, says the company, purpose built to streamline audio-visual solutions over IP by reducing the complexity and cost of networked deployments but are equally applicable to standard IT network deployments.

To address the expansive growth of AV deployments over ethernet, NETGEAR is introducing the M4500-32C and M4500-48XF8C, a new class of switches for the market. These AV over IP-ready 100G and 10G Ethernet switches combine the configurability of an AV matrix switcher with the power and scalability of Ethernet to support hundreds of AV over IP endpoints, at a price point that is dramatically lower than comparable matrix switchers.

Making it easier to connect

Removing the need for complicated Layer 3 PIM routing, these new switches offer NETGEAR-engineered IGMP Plus which greatly simplifies system architectures with the same well-known L2 techniques across the entire AV over IP network. The M4500-32C 32-port 100Gbps switch can be leveraged to aggregate the edge switches for a complete set up for large projects up to 320×320 SDVoE (10G) devices in a single architecture. Installers opting to use M4500-48XF8C switch in their installation will find that it is already preconfigured out of the box enabling true AV and multicast Zero Touch network configuration. Connect AV endpoints, and power on the switch. It just works!

“NETGEAR is driving the technology transition for the audio-visual space by offering more managed switches that can ease the move from the traditional complexities and expense of disseminating video and audio to big screens,” said John McHugh, senior vice president of SMB and services at NETGEAR. “We now offer a range of port options to meet the needs of smaller deployments such as in home or small business and the 100G option will address the growing demands of providing the highest quality video to the stadium level displays.”

NETGEAR reduces complexity and cost of professional AV over IP

Lowering the cost of fibre-based installations

Meanwhile, the M4300-16X is the world’s first 16-port 100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10GBASE-T copper switch with an option for PoE+ across all ports in full provisioning mode. The M4300-16X is a half-width 1U switch that comes either with a non-PoE power supply or with a power supply capable of providing 500W of PoE power to the 16 ports.

The M4300-24XF is a 24-port 10GBASE-X SFP+ fibre switch with two shared 10GBASE-T copper ports. The M4300-24XF is a half-width 1U switch that dramatically lowers the cost of fibre-based project installations up to 24 nodes.

NETGEAR is also introducing the M4300-48XF, a 48-port 10GBASE-X SFP+ fibre switch with two shared 10GBASE-T copper ports. The M4300-48XF is a full-width 1U switch that dramatically lowers the cost of fibre-based project installations up to 48 nodes.

All M4300 models are certified for Software Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE) devices for the ultimate in AV over IP deployments. They are also ideal in any IT deployment that need fast, reliable and cost-effective networking.

Lower cost, increased distances and a wider range of applications are rapidly growing the percentage of audio-visual distribution moving to Ethernet networks, and as an industry leader in AV over IP networking, NETGEAR is dedicated to support individuals and businesses following this upward trend with the M4300 and M4500 series switches.

Follow the link to learn more about these new managed switches from NETGEAR.

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Homecoming Attitude: Wrapping the 2019 Indie Memphis Film Festival

Last year, after my first Indie Memphis, I penned my love letter to the city and the film festival with a scene from Jim Jarmusch’s own Memphian billet-doux, 1989’s Mystery Train. This year, as if to one-up the experience, the film was programmed during its week-long run (Oct. 30–Nov. 4) with Jarmusch himself present for a Q&A afterwards, in celebration of the film’s 30th anniversary. I don’t have personal ties to Memphis, but neither did Jarmusch when he made Mystery Train, yet the city has a way of touching you deeply; after the screening, the director, now 66, beautifully articulated […]

Tiny and Capable: A Review of the DJI Mavic Mini

Tiny and Capable: A Review of the DJI Mavic Mini

The DJI Mavic Mini is a ludicrously small drone, but that does not necessarily mean it does not come without a set of professional features. This great review takes a comprehensive look at the new drone to help you decide if it is the right one for you.

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Voigtlander’s 75mm F1.5 Vintage Line Nokton lens is now available for $999

Earlier this year, Voigtlander released details of a 75mm F1.5 Vintage Line Nokton lens for Leica M-mount camera systems. Now, the lens is shipping and effectively replacing the 75mm F1.8 Heliar Classic lens Voigtlander previously offered.

As noted in our initial coverage, the lens comes in black and silver variations. It features an optical design made of seven elements in six groups including three low-dispersion elements and one aspherical element. The lens is manual focus with a minimum focusing distance of 70cm (2.3ft) and features a clicking aperture ring with a range between F1.5 and F16 using a twelve-blade aperture diaphragm.

The 75mm F1.5 Nokton weighs in at 350g (12.35oz) and measures in at 63.8mm x 63.3mm (2.5in x 2.5in). Leica Rumors has posted a gallery of sample images (JPEG, straight out of camera) taken with the lens attached to a Leica M10 in an album on Flickr. Below is a gallery of sample images provided by Leica:

The lens is available in black and silver models and currently in stock at B&H for $999.

“Cinema Perfects Life”: Pedro Almodóvar on Rewatching His Films, Using Latin American Music, and Fighting Against Penélope Cruz’s Tears 

Notwithstanding the many awards seasons and release campaigns he’s endured in the United States, the manufactured climate of hotels and restaurants in Los Angeles still makes Spanish cinema idol Pedro Almodóvar uncomfortable. “Everywhere we go here is freezing,” he says as he sits down to talk and scrambles to find something warm to cover himself with.  It’s as if the coldness of these spaces he’s walked repeatedly over the years brings a sensory memory, one that he should have anticipated but still surprises him. Like so, we’ve come to expect a colorful aesthetic brand and tonal irreverence from an Almodóvar […]

Rumors Arise That Olympus May Shut Down Imaging Division in Less Than a Year

Rumors Arise That Olympus May Shut Down Imaging Division in Less Than a Year

Olympus’ recent financial reports have shown bad news for the imaging division, with a 17% year on year decrease in revenue and continued operating losses. As the mirrorless market continues to heat up and there is increased competition, rumors have emerged that Olympus may soon shut down its imaging division altogether.

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SHANGHAI FORTRESS: VFX & GFX Breakdown by Territory Studio

Come have a look at the VFX and GFX work of Territory Studio on the Chinese blockbuster, SHANGHAI FORTRESS (click on the picture below to watch it):

Territory Studio: Dedicated page about SHANGHAI FORTRESS on Territory Studio website.

© Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2019

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IFH 362: Attack of the Film Threat with Chris Gore

Please Note: Once you press play it will take a few seconds for the episode to start playing. Attack of the Film Threat with Chris Gore Today on the show we have the legendary indie film champion, Chris Gore. Chris is the founder of Film Threat, a magazine that’s mission is to champion indie filmmakers while…

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The 10 Most Underrated Blockbuster Movies of The 2010s


In the past decade, Hollywood has churned out more mega-budget blockbusters than ever before in its history, with ballooning budgets and a larger emphasis on previously established properties driving the film discourse. Now it seems as if there is a major blockbuster out every weekend, and due to the high volume of these films being released, there’s less time to thoughtfully consider each film individually.

In a time where serious critical thought is replaced by a Tomatoemeter score or opening weekend box office estimates, it’s no wonder that many films thought to be important are now forgotten. Due to the fast paced nature of how audiences consume films and anticipate future releases, big budget films that are panned or flop financially are not often the subject of critical reevaluation or considerate thought.

However, often hiding behind the guise of mixed reviews or middling financial success are real gems. Some tentpole films deemed to be duds actually have many redeeming qualities, and are certainly worth a second look. Here are the top ten most underrated blockbusters of the decade.


10. Triple Frontier

After sitting in development hell for several years, Triple Frontier was intended to be a major blockbuster for Netflix, who saw the action-oriented premise and cast of movie stars as a signal that they could capture the cultural zeitgeist. Unfortunately, the film was met with a rather muted response, and although Netflix doesn’t release its viewership or box office receipts in an official capacity, it’s not thought of to be a success.

This is quite unfortunate, as Triple Frontier is actually quite more thought provoking and introspective than one may expect; written by The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty scribe Mark Boal, it’s a fascinating look at how veterans are forced to make ends meet when their country abandons them.

The military dialogue feels accurate, and director J.C. Chandor sets up a relentless pace where the characters are forced to use their problem solving skills to survive. Opening with an exciting streetway chase that ends with a twist, Triple Frontier establishes itself as a film with real scale that’s also willing to challenge the viewers to pay close attention.

The morality of the characters isn’t clean cut, as they ultimately meditate on the failures of their lives both before and after this mission, and Chandor constantly switches things up with a film that’s equal parts character drama, action-adventure, and survival thriller. It’s the type of morally gray genre film with a big budget that Hollywood simply doesn’t make anymore.


9. Elysium


Coming off of the massive success of District 9, writer/director Neil Blomkamp was pegged as the next big thing, but his follow up Elysium was largely seen as a step down, despite moderate box office success and mixed to positive reviews. While Elysium isn’t the game changer that District 9 was, it’s a very thoughtful look at how the class divide could manifest in a science fiction world and the lengths people would go to join the elite. Like District 9, this is a lived in film with a detailed history of how things came to be, and the dirty, waste barren vision of Earth that Blomkamp envisions seems very realistic.

Matt Damon’s performance is an unusual one; Damon is known for being a charismatic lead, and here he gets to play a character of questionable morality who inadvertently starts a revolution as he tries to save himself and ends up finding a greater purpose in his actions.

Pursuing him is Blomkamp’s District 9 star Sharlto Coppley as an insane bounty hunter, and Coppley clearly isn’t holding back by giving an outrageous, scene stealing turn that feels lifted from an 80s action film. While Blomkamp himself has expressed dissatisfaction with some elements of the film, there’s a lot to like about Elysium, and it’s inspiring to see so much time and care put into an original sci-fi film.


8. The Bourne Legacy


After the success of the brilliant Bourne trilogy, Universal Pictures was keen to replicate their success and greenlit a spinoff of sorts that focused on a new highly trained assassin named Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner), who is also a part of the Treadstone program.

The film debuted to little fanfare, and Universal reverted to their original template by bringing back Matt Damon as the lead in the largely forgettable Jason Bourne. Rather than adhere to the previously established formula, The Bourne Legacy expands the franchise’s mythology by exploring how a snowy cabin in the woods, an international pharmaceutical drug conspiracy, and morally dubious government agents all relate to the world of brainwashed assassins.

Aaron Cross is no Jason Bourne, but Renner isn’t playing him like they’re the same person. Unlike Bourne, Cross acts in full knowledge of his choices and chooses to chemically advance his abilities, making his awakening to the sinister forces at play interesting in a different way. Unlike the up close, shaky camerawork that Paul Greengrass utilized in The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum, director Tony Gilroy uses much wider, longer takes that allow viewers to get engrossed in the globe-trotting adventure. Ending on an ambiguous note that teased further adventures, The Bourne Legacy unfortunately never spun out into its own franchise.


7. The Accountant

Despite mixed reviews, The Accountant was fairly successful at the box office, but three years after its initial release there’s been no movement on a sequel and it seems to be forgotten in the public consciousness. The Accountant is a very unusual film- it casts one of the most charismatic movie stars on the planet as a character that is purposefully removed and non-emotive, but as the story goes on the shroud around Ben Affleck’s character Christian Wolff becomes unveiled. With a story that is both grounded in actual corporate dealings and pulpy in nature, The Accountant is often surprising, witty, and strangely emotional.

Ben Affleck is often an actor who is not given enough credit, and here he does a great job at playing a character who’s smarter than anyone who he comes into contact with, yet isn’t able to respond in a traditional emotional manner. His character finds a solace of sorts in his long lost brother Braxton (Jon Bernthal), an international assassin who has lost his way.

It’s ironic that it takes an embezzlement scheme and a series of botched assassinations to reunite two brothers, but there’s a surprising amount of heart in a story of two highly gifted siblings that end up on opposite sides of a dangerous situation. Idiosyncratic and well-researched, The Accountant is a blast to watch and certainly deserves more attention.


6. Jack Reacher

Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise redefined the action movie with the latest two installments of the Mission: Impossible franchise, but their previous collaboration Jack Reacher certainly deserved more attention.

This slick, cool action thriller puts Cruise in the exact right role as a distanced, highly trained assassin who does things that the law can’t normally do. The appeal of Cruise’s movie star status has always been his ability to do things that others can’t, and McQuarrie understands this and gives him a character that’s gruff and no-nonsense, providing Cruise with one of his best acting moments to date when he belittles Jai Courtney’s character over the phone.

Cruise is also great at playing an outsider, and Jack Reacher is often a character that is forced to fight against the system. As he uncovers a case involving a former military sniper framed for murder, Reacher is forced to do a lot of detective work, and the mix of mystery between the set pieces make Jack Reacher much more intelligent than average action fare.

It’s also a film populated by an interesting supporting cast, including the legend Werner Herzog in a scene stealing performance as a Russian gangster. The film received a follow up, and the lack of McQuarrie’s involvement is very clear in the absolutely terrible sequel Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. However, the sequel’s failure should not discredit the very impressive first film.

10 Great 2019 Movie Performances No One Talks About

2019 has been a truly excellent year for cinema, and even those disillusioned with Hollywood’s corporate culture have an excellent array of incredible films to choose from this year. As the end of the decade nears, it’s clear that there are more great and impassioned artists working than ever before in the history of filmmaking, and it’s exciting to see the great performances that have appeared in 2019’s films.

There are many reasons why performances get under looked. Sometimes a film is just underseen and hasn’t received enough attention, and sometimes a performance is misinterpreted or judged on the merit of the film itself, and not the actor’s work. There’s also films that feature so many great performances that some get under looked, or brief roles that have a small, yet potent impact on the film’s story.

Here are ten great performances from 2019 films that no one is talking about.


10. Riley Keough – Under the Silver Lake

Under the Silver Lake may be the most divisive film of 2019, with some claiming that it’s a bold masterpiece that dives head first into Old Hollywood corruption and the seductive nature of conspiracy theories, and others describing it as a sexist, self-indulgent, and frustrating mystery with an unsatisfying conclusion.

Since the film debuted last year at the Cannes Film Festival, Andrew Garfield has been praised for his role as the creepy rascal Sam, but the reviews haven’t given enough credit to Riley Keough’s performance as Sarah, the girl who Sam becomes obsessed with. While it’s a brief role that bookends the film’s beginning and end, it’s instrumental in starting the narrative and giving Sam a reason to embark on his crazy quest.

When Keough first appears on screen she appears as a dreamlike figure to Sam, imitating the mannerisms of Old Hollywood movie stars and convincingly enchanting Sam with her presence. While her performance primarily exists as the epitome of all that Sam desires, Keough is able to bring agency to the character, particularly in the film’s closing scenes in which the two share a tender moment and reflect on how little they actually know about each other. Not quite the typical femme fatale and more than a damsel in distress, Keough is the heart of Under the Silver Lake and finds a sincerity within the distress and chaos of the film’s crazy plot.


9. Zac Efron – Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile isn’t a great film, but the casting of Zac Efron as Ted Bundy is unexpectedly perfect. The film primarily chronicles Bundy’s crimes from the perspective of his longtime girlfriend Liz Kendall (Lily Collins) who is convinced that he isn’t guilty, so the actual murders themselves are rarely shown on screen. Instead, the film focuses on the con that Bundy pulls on those that trust him and how he utilizes the media circus to paint himself as a charismatic teen idol. This perspective allows Efron to weaponize his own status as a celebrity and sex symbol, and in turn give a chilling performance.

The ease with which Bundy is able to gain people’s trust is well-handled, as he shows up at just the right moment for Liz to unload her problems upon him and seems to be understanding and sympathetic to her issues. Efron is able to put on the persona of an innocent man, but his infatuation with attention and questionable emotional responses foreshadow the truth behind the perfect man he’s pretending to be.

While there isn’t quite enough time dedicated to showing Bundy before he’s accused of any crimes, this is an issue with the script and Efron does his best with what he’s given. It’s a transformative performance that marks a new stage in Efron’s career, and shows a great deal of self-awareness and riskiness from the former Disney star.


8. Ray Liotta – Marriage Story

Adam Driver, Scarlett Johansson, Laura Dern, and even Alan Alda all have received heavy awards buzz for their performances in Noah Baumbach’s excellent divorce drama Marriage Story, but one person that hasn’t received his just praise is Ray Liotta, who has a pivotal role as Jay, the ruthless attorney for Driver’s character Charlie.

Jay’s appearance in the film marks a major turning point for the story, as a desperate Charlie realizes he must use more drastic measures to win the custody case when his wife Nicole (Johansson) employs an equally ruthless divorce attorney (Dern). Jay convinces Charlie that if wants to win the case, he must paint Nicole as incompetent and neglectful.

Liotta broke out in 1990 with his iconic performance in Goodfellas, but since then he hasn’t received the caliber of roles that reflect his talent. With Marriage Story Liotta is able to once again play a morally dubious character who takes advantage of the vulnerable people around him; in his introductory scene, Jay preps Charlie for the upcoming legal battle with the gravity of someone preparing for war, and seeks to further escalate the fragile divorce hearings into a dirty and psychologically damaging debate that shatters the lives of Charlie and Nicole. While the rest of the cast is rightfully praised for their extraordinary work, Liotta’s contribution to the film shouldn’t be overlooked.


7. Himesh Patel – Yesterday

The collaboration between director Danny Boyle and writer Richard Curtis proved to be successful one with Yesterday; Boyle is always able to find intimacy within his characters, and Curtis is renowned for his witty, heartfelt dialogue. At the center of this odd fantasy where The Beatles never existed is Jack Malik (Himesh Patel), a down on his luck singer-songwriter who takes advantage of this situation and introduces the world to the iconic songs. Jack receives significant fame, but in his heart he just wants to share music with the world, and it’s this sincerity that makes him such an endearing character.

In the role of Jack, Himesh Patel gives a breakout performance. While Jack is humble and is victim to a series of misfortunes, he also has to be a dynamic and engaging stage performer, and Patel delivers beautiful covers of many of The Beatles’s best songs. Even if Jack loses sight of the most important things in his life, he doesn’t use fame to fuel his own narcissism, and Patel is able to make Jack flawed, yet not fall into the stereotypical category of characters swept up by their own success. Even in the film’s cornier moments, Patel’s hapless nature is endearing. Clearly, it’s a performance that resonated with people, as Yesterday was a surprise box office hit, and Patel will next be seen in the new Christopher Nolan film Tenet.


6. Asier Etxeandia – Pain & Glory

Antonio Banderas won the Best Actor trophy at the Cannes Film Festival for his performance in Pedro Almodovar’s latest masterpiece, and while Banderas is phenomenal as the fictitious film director Salvador Mallo, Asier Etxeandia is also great as Mallo’s former collaborator Alberto Crespo.

With obvious allusions to Almodovar’s own life, Pain & Glory follows the reunion between these two men as they embark on a special screening of a film they made thirty years prior. Salvador and Alberto are still at odds with each other over creative decisions made on the film, and it’s humorous to see how their bitterness still exists after all this time.

Seeing these two come to terms with their initial quarrel and spend more time getting to know each other is interesting, and in one of the best scenes in the film they once again start fighting after Salvador insults Alberto when introducing the film. While the film is told from Salvador’s perspective, it’s Alberto who once again fuels his creative process, inspiring Salvador to confront his childhood memories and turn them into a new story.

It’s a film about a great artist looking for meaning in their work, and Salvador would not be able to find solace in his new stories if it weren’t for Alberto’s support. Etxeandia is much more than a comic sidekick, but an integral part of Almodovar’s vision of how the creative process works.